ACME was created in 2016 with the purpose of unifying all stage and education work created by e Albert Quesada and his collaborators Federica Porello, Zoltán Vakulya, Mireia de Querol and Marcus Baldemar, and has developed over the years by performing and creating around Europe.

Albert has directed all the performances until 2016: Solo on Bach & Glenn (2005), Solos Bach & Gould (2010), Trilogy (2011, created with Vera Tussing), Ensemble (2012), Slow Sports (2012), Wagner & Ligeti (2014), Slow Sports Outdoors (2014), Slow Sports Kids (2015), OneTwoThreeOneTwo (2015), Viva (2016), It’s time (2017)(with Federica Porello & Zoltán Vakulya), Flamingos (2019).

ACME will also collaborate with other artists with similar interests and affinities.

ACME creates work and is interested in art that focuses on:

– the love for detail – the endless complex relations between movement, music and meaning

– the analysis of the temporal structures and repetitions

– how music can express and communicate ideas

– how organised noise of music evokes images and turns them into thoughts

– speed and its different qualities in stage performances

– the coexistence of different temporalities

– learning skills from musical compositions

– the proprioception and awareness of moving bodies

ACME teaches adults, professionals, amateurs and children. The members of the company teach the skills developed during the creation of stage work.