Thomas Noone/Dance

The way we interact with each other is governed by a complex set of rules. How we physically behave – our body language, how we perceive the other, how we think and react.

Some rules are imposed, dictated by society, some we create ourselves, some are merely imagined yet nonetheless they constrain and shape our encounters. So our behaviour towards one another viewed from the outside is predictable, random, absurd, intelligent, violent and tender – all that makes us human, and by watching others we can see ourselves, virtues and flaws, if we so choose.

That which interests me as choreographer is that in order to illustrate this interaction and challenge us into reflecting on the way which we view those around us I employ a similar system of rules in the very choreographic action. I apply a series of constraints and dictamines to the interpreters which are executed but also filtered and adapted, generating a human picture of the inicial proposition. The parallel is curious, almost anecdotal but with careful manipulation of the rules, insistence and flexibility, observation and reflection, a specific physical narrative can be created to illustrate the complex, beautiful, tragic, primal, intimate, ironic, and dark way in which we behave as people one to another.

The title Beneath refers to this layering of reason and cause lying below what we can observe, the complex system of rules and interpretation that govern the action. To the subtext that accompanies every gesture, to the narrative that drives an apparent geometric construct, to the dark animal inhabiting each one of us.

Fitxa artística

Direction and choreography

Thomas Noone


Martí Noguer


Manon Adrianow, Berta Martí, Oscar Pérez,

Julia Razquin, Mona Lisa Rigal i Toon Theunissen

Choreographic assistant

Alba Barral


Marc Udina


Marc Lleixà


Sara Esteller